MYRE - Chronicles of Yria Volume 1 (Englisch)

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Englische Fantasy Graphic Novel von Alector Fencer

Myre - Chronicles of Yria I" is the first book of an ongoing graphic novel fantasy series which delves into the mysteries of a world called "Yria". The world of Yria has a mysterious past. Very few Yrians know of it, and still fewer seek it. But there are clues that this harsh desert planet once held a much different past.

As a wanderer, Myre is interested only in her own survival. Together with her lifelong dragon companion, Varug, she seeks merely the next crumb of bread. But her search will unwittingly send her into the deepest mysteries of Yria's history, and the ancient and terrible secrets it conceals.

Embark on a great journey alongside with Myre and discover the secrets of Yria.

-172 pages (160 pages of story, full bleed + 12 pages of concept art and more)
-33,02 cm x22,86 cm Oversized, tall standing book
-High quality offset print
-Beautifully finished with a cellophane matte wrapping and 3D varnish haptical embossing
-Comes with an integrated picking belt

-172 pages (160 pages of story, full bleed + 12 pages of concept art and more)
-High quality offset print
-30,49 cm x 20,32 cm sized, tall standing book
-Elegant, sturdy and sleek cellophane matte cover that is beautiful to the touch 


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